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Crafting an Income Plan for Retirement

Building a nest egg for retirement is only part of the retirement equation. Beyond investing wisely and budgeting to maximize your savings, a plan will need to be put into place to maximize the longevity of your savings, produce reliable income, and reduce your yearly tax bill.

Working with a financial professional that can help provide a comprehensive income-strategy is beneficial, but below are a few considerations for making your retirement accounts work best for you:

Social Security

Determining when to opt in to your Social Security benefits is a complicated decision and will differ depending on your personal circumstances.

Delaying your Social Security to maximize benefits will be beneficial to some and unwise for others. More factors to consider can be found here.

Consider Your Tax Bill

Withdrawing from tax-deferred accounts in large quantities year over year will generally result in higher tax bills and potentially higher taxes on your Social Security benefits.

Your income plan should take into consideration both your income needs and strategies for reducing your tax bill, leaving you in the lowest tax bracket possible.

Account for RMDs

Whether they’re needed as income or not, everyone will be required to withdraw Required Minimum Distributions from their tax-deferred accounts eventually (currently, the age at which RMDs begin is 73 for those who had not yet reached 72 by the end of 2022).

A plan should be in place to account for the tax-bill on RMDs and how they will be used, whether for income or reinvested.

Withdrawals and Rebalancing

As your portfolio is managed according to your risk preferences, recurring and substantial one-time withdrawals can impact the proportions invested in certain risk levels.

It is important to consistently reassess what percentages of your portfolio is invested according to your risk tolerance and rebalance as needed.

Crafting a Plan

Diving into retirement without a thoughtful income plan is like diving into the ocean without knowing how to swim. You got yourself to the water’s edge, you took the leap, but what now?

Creating an income plan with an experienced financial professional who has walked countless retirees through these same decisions can be a massive burden off your shoulders.

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