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What do you Expect in Retirement?

Beyond your savings’ ability to keep you secure and healthy throughout your retirement years, what does your day-to-day of retirement actually have in store for you? Have you thought beyond the financials? 

Do you Extend Beyond your Work? 

When asked what we do by others, we generally begin with what we do for work. We surpass mother or fatherhood, social involvement, travels and any other extracurriculars and go straight for what has allowed us the financial freedom to enjoy these other endeavors. Though these additional things we “do” might very well be more rewarding and important to us than what has brought in the checks for the past several decades, what we as individuals do for work, what we do for a living to provide for ourselves and for our families, whether consciously or not, becomes a major part of our sense of identity. 

The thought of retirement after decades of working towards that goal is exciting, but before you get off the work bus, take the time to consider what lies ahead. What will the first 6 months look like? The first year? If you aren’t particularly excited by the reality of that picture, work to change the image. Figure out a retirement plan that allows you to feel as if you are retiring to something great and not just from something great. 

Finding Structure 

 A lack of structure is exciting until you’re coming to the end of a two or three week vacation and suddenly some normalcy is the most exciting thing you can think of. 

Retirement will feel the same. It might be exciting and refreshing to wake up every day without any sense of responsibility beyond usual self and familial-care, but that can get old fairly quickly. There’s certainly no need to return to something akin to a 9-5 lifestyle, but structuring your days and weeks in blocks of activities that will bring you joy and fulfillment will do wonders. 

Building a Community

Some people’s careers have required them to move from city to city, constantly relocating. Some careers are so demanding that 80-hour work weeks are the usual. It’s entirely possible that you’ve spent decades in a field that just hasn’t been conducive to forming and cultivating friendships and a sense of community outside of the workplace. 

As retirement comes nearer, it’s important to survey the community you have both within and outside of your career. Many of the people you work with won’t retire at the same time as you. Many will continue to move from job to job and city to city. And as for the community you have outside of work, is there a strong enough connection to be a lifeline and source of fulfillment throughout your retirement years? 

Miscellaneous continued education workshops and courses, local social or political groups, retirement community-living, community centers and libraries and so much more offer the opportunity for not just added excitement and a sense of purpose to the days ahead but also the chance for forming friendships and a community that can become integral parts of your retirement years. 

Finding Support

Retiring can be just as exciting as it is daunting. Though financial planners are more attuned to assisting with your financial needs headed into and throughout retirement, working with an experienced firm that has seen countless retirees through their retirement years comes with the ability for them to offer more than just assistance with the financials. Through client-appreciation events and our personal relationships with our clients, Moore’s Wealth Management cultivates a community of individuals who find themselves in a very similar stage of life. Our clients call our firm to chat with their favorite Moore’s Wealth Management staff member, our clients call for recommendations on where to eat nearby and what exciting places we’ve been or know of someone going, and our clients have formed friendships amongst one another that bring smiles to our faces and theirs. 

With concerns often ranging from whether or not enough money is saved to deciding if choosing a retirement-living community is the right move, scheduling a complimentary financial review with Moore’s Wealth Management is a great first step. To do so, click here or call our office at 770-535-5000, where a staff-member is awaiting your call Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM.




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