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Advice for the 2024 Tax Season

The IRS has begun accepting 2023 tax returns, marking the official beginning of the 2024 tax season. Below are a few tips for streamlining your filing.

Filing Early

The sooner you file your return, the sooner you’ll get your refund. Avoid filing a paper return if possible, opting for electronic methods and requesting your deposit be placed directly into your bank account.

Work Against Identity Theft

By filing early, you can thwart scammers potentially filing bogus returns with stolen identification numbers. Apply for an identity-protection PIN through the IRS to further protect yourself from scammers, making it harder for your identity to be stolen. Get your annual IP PIN here.

Scams involving impersonation of the IRS surge during tax season. Beware of any calls, texts, or emails claiming to have come from the IRS. Forward any attempts at stealing your information to the IRS Phishing Team.

Free Methods for E-filing

Taxpayers with a gross income of less than $79,000 can utilize the IRS’s Free File Program and file through a free commercial software.

Taxpayers with higher incomes who are confident in their knowledge of tax laws and in their ability to self-file can utilize the IRS’s Free File Fillable Form.

Tax Season is always stressful and never stops coming back around. Working with a knowledgeable and experienced financial professional can remove some of the pressure as they are able to assist with ensuring you have the right documents from your investments and are in the best, most tax-efficient position as each spring comes around and for the tax-year ahead.

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